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Nexus Google Pixel Cell Phone Repair and Google Pixel XL

Nexus Phone Repairs

If you need to have a Google Pixel cell phone fixed in NYC, call us!

Fixing the glass or the screen on a Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL is by no means an easy task. These components are very sensitive and they connect to the motherboard of the phone through fragile ribbons. One small mistake and your phone may be permanently damaged. This is why only experienced companies like NYC Cell Phone Repair should attempt these repairs. When working with us, you can be sure that your Google smartphone will be returned to you in perfect working order. Our technicians use the best tools and parts to perform complex repair procedures. We are able to quickly replace defective LCD displays, digitizers and screens. Also, our specialists are experts at replacing broken glass on Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

Why would you choose our company? We know there are many companies that offer to fix your smartphone. However, be aware that many of them simply do not have the necessary tools and experience to perform such advanced repairs. NYC Cell Phone Repair is able to do micro soldering operations on the motherboard of smartphones. Our specialists work with a wide variety of phones daily, including Pixel and Pixel XL devices. This means that we have both the technical capabilities and the expertise to do any kind of repairs. You can get that fast fix you need with us.

We assure you that no harm will come to your phone. We will return your Google device to you in perfect working order, without a scratch. Also, we can assure you that all of your data will be intact (including messages, photos, videos, emails, etc.). Speaking of data, none of our technicians will access it; we are professionals who follow strict privacy policies.

Our team is able to replace a broken digitizer or a faulty LCD screen in less than an hour. Also, we can replace the broken glass while you wait. Our display replacement services and repairs are also extremely affordable. Working with us costs just a fraction of what an authorized repair shop would charge you. The results are at least the same, if not better. We test everything prior to releasing the phone to the customer to ensure everything works as expected.

NYC Cell Phone Repair offers:

  • Speedy repair services. In most cases, our team can give you back your Google Pixel or Google Pixel SL in less than one hour. Same day service is something we are extremely proud of.
  • Lengthy warranties for labor and for the parts used to replace the LCD display, digitizer, glass or screen of your Google smartphone.
  • Exemplary customer support. We are friendly and our team is very courteous. As professionals, we take pride in our work.
Get in touch with us today if you need your Pixel or Pixel XL fixed in NY as soon as possible!
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NYC Cell Phone Repair, iphone, ipad, smart phones , tablets

NYC Cell Phone Repair, iphone, ipad, smart phones , tablets

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